cerrado ecology

1. Plantminer is a web application designed to do the search for taxonomic information of large amount of species less painful. If you want to search for orders, families, authors, synonyms and make sure your list is following the latest APG classification, Plantminer is the right tool for you. You can access Plantminer and learn how it works here. A resource recommended by the phylodiversity network!

2. NODF calculates ‘nestedness measure based on overlap and decreasing fills’ according to Almeida-Neto et al. (2008. A consistent metric for nestedness analysis in ecological systems: reconciling concept and quantification. Oikos 117: 1227-1239).



3. Co-occurrences based on Lieberman & Lieberman (2007, Nearest-neighbor tree species combinations in tropical forest: the role of chance, and some consequences of high diversity. Oikos 116: 377-386) and Perry et al. (2009, Nearest-neighbour interactions in species-rich shrublands: the roles of abundance, spatial patterns and resources. Oikos 118: 161-174).


4. Phylogenetic entropy, which generalizes in a natural way the Shannon index to incorporate species relatedness, according to Allen et al. (2009, A new phylogenetic diversity measure generalizing the shannon index and its application to phyllostomid bats. American Naturalist 174: 236-243). Before using the PE function, use source() to load this Write Tree.R function.

Phylogenetic Entropy.R

All codes written by Gustavo Henrique de Carvalho.